I see beauty and style in a person and in a building.

I’m Effy Laney Fox. I’m a Yorkshire photographer from Huddersfield. A UK based photographer working nationwide for the right commission. As a female photographer with vast life experiences, from being a mother to a professional working in different industries that have collectively made me ME!

I have a multi base of experience and skills in different industries making me adaptable to work as an independent freelance photographer. I have worked as a house surveyor preparing condition reports on building stock for a research company – so I see property with a keen eye on the detail.

My background is in psychology and psychotherapy working as a registered Mental Health Nurse. I have worked within a secure unit for criminal offenders and patients with severe mental health issues and I am a qualified counsellor. This makes me able to read you and how you want to present your project or self in a photograph. Working in healthcare, I had to gain the trust and understanding of my patients, in double-quick time. Communication skills are my one of my biggest assets, I will make anyone relax in front of my camera lens. I want you to feel free as a fox! My tools are my creative eye, my knowledge of people and architecture making me the right photographer you may require.



My love for photography began upon meeting a dear friend Joe Bangay, who was a great friend of mine throughout my twenties and thirties. His work inspired me to love sitting behind my camera lens.

It was seeing Joe’s love of people in front of his camera and his ability for making them shine which was unparalleled that truly made me to be the best at whatever I do. He always caught the moment on film beautifully, the character and soul of the person, capturing the moment magnificently.

As his camera assistant I developed a passion for working with Nikon cameras (one of his favourite lenses) and also now mine. We had many fabulous memories. Meeting great personalities such as Sir Peter Ustinov, Prunella Scales, Courtney Pine and Kate O’Mara.
Covering glitzy premieres, theatre firsts and Jazz Aid. Working with celebrities in a fast time frame for promotion work and media coverage. Acting and commercial photography is one of my specialities, knowledge of brands & making you a brand. I have a flare for design and art. I use my creative talents in stylising a shoot.



Joe had always worked with people never against them, that’s exactly what I want, a real code of trust and bond was developed with greats such as Prince. The list in the entertainment world is endless. You can buy his fine photography work online. I highly recommend you take a look. He caught the real person on film. An amazing talent.

Regarding my commissions I will always consult you to find out information relevant to the shoot. Much consideration into the brief from what you want from my work and looking at any location obstacles that may potentially arise. I have the confidence and experience to work in Architectural photography, commercial photography, PR industry, fashion shoots, portfolios, and so much more. I love the variety of my work. I work within a confidential and efficient but careful and decisive manner.

My creative mind works well with my photography, my love of arts and architecture, which helped with my previous working experiences as a house surveyor, seeing all kinds of different properties. From industrial, commercial through to listed properties. Capturing buildings in the best way to promote business portfolios, such as newly designed buildings, larger commercial projects, even house sales.



My Nikon camera blends with my eye and mind. I love my work. I’m friendly to approach and will consider most commissions. Just ask.

I work as an approachable, realistic person that understands what you or your company needs. All enquiries considered. I cover all of the UK and I can travel internationally.

My base is in Yorkshire and I do have my own studio.